We work with you to design any landscape you need. We can design and build it for you, or we can help you do-it-yourself and assist you with any aspect of the garden design process. For your landscape design, we offer three options:

DESIGN packages


DIY / Looks



We offer different package options, at different price points, to design your garden.
Choose either a package for a look, a consultation, a plan, or a full project tailored to
your style and life.


Option 1: Look $199

Deliverables: Matched with a designer, we put together board of unique ideas and inspiration based on your specific criteria.


Option 2: Consult $299

For all projects, we offer a consultation to help with your design either on site (if in NYC) or by phone if outside of NYC


Option 3: plan $349

Deliverables: Matched with a designer, we design a plan that responds to your specific needs for your garden space, including measurements and plants.

There are many different types of gardens based on context and style. In order to to make assembling your garden easier, we have put together DIY lists of elements to shop for your specific garden type. Choose your DIY garden look, and visit our design packages section for a consultation or plan.


Rooftop Combinations

Rooftop gardens are highly exposed and generally sunny and windy. Click here to find elements suited to build a garden in the sky.


Urban Green

Urban backyards and courtyards are a rarity. They can be hardscape, softscape, or a combination of both. Click here to see some options for your urban backyard oasis


Meadow-y looks

Maybe you are looking for less manicured garden that is leaning a bit more on the wild side? If so, Click here for our selections that can take you in that direction.

We have weeded through the web and assembled a highly curated collection of tried-and true-elements for your garden, from outdoor furniture to lighting, as well as plants and  some harder to find products.  Shop our collection, and please feel free to email us to let us know what you think of these products at design@landstylist.com.
We'd love the feedback!








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