Miscanthus Sinensis 'Gracillimus'/Maiden Hair Grass


Miscanthus Sinensis 'Gracillimus'/Maiden Hair Grass


CONDITIONS:  Full Sun to partial shade
WATER: medium
SIZE: Height 4'-7' x width 3'-6'
THREE THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT IT: Miscanthus is often called the "beachy" grass because it looks like dune grass, and does well in sandy soil. It is s stunning architectural grass with many varieties and it also maintains it's structure in winter and can be cut back or left to do it's thing. It's popularity has not been great for this grass, though--it has recently been added to the global invasive list., so if you are having trouble locating it in the nurseries, this might be why. Many varieties...
LOOKS GREAT WITH: Achillea, Russian Sage, Salvia, Rudbeckia

Dimensions: H5'-6' 

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