Do you have an outdoor space, but no idea of what to do with it? Have you considered hiring a landscape architect/designer? Need a second opinion? If so, Landstylist’s ‘Plan Board’ may be just what you need for your landscape design project. With the Plan Board, we provide you with a thoughtful, stylish and sustainable plan specifically tailored to your space, style, and life.

Who is this perfect for? This package is perfect if you if you want a beautiful and thoughtful plan designed for your landscape that’s professional and customized to you. This plan can be used by individuals looking to DIY, for Contractors looking for good design, or if you’re local ( NYC, Long Island or CT), you can hire us to design and oversee your entire landscape design project for you.

Things to know about the ‘PLAN BOARD’ package:

  1. What’s the Landstylist ‘PLAN BOARD’ package?

    The Landstylist ‘’PLAN BOARD’ specifically addresses information you provide us about your site location, conditions, style, life, preferred use, and budget and we provide you a plan that addresses these points, and is specifically tailored to you. The Plan is keyed to a second page, called ‘Shop the Elements’, with carefully selected plants and furniture included in your custom plan. From there, you can either implement the plan on your own, OR, you can hire us to implement it.

  2. What is the Deliverable provided?

    An illustrative pdf plan that is 8.5 “x 11” tailored to your site and needs. It also includes an additional 8.5” x 11”page called ‘Shop the Elements’ that’s keyed to your plan, and includes select elements, plants native to your region, and furniture suited to your design, with links to sites. Both are bound neatly as one PDF file, and emailed directly to you. You can see an example of a plan here.

  3. What is the process?

    You click on the above button and remit payment ($349)

    Once payment is remitted, we send you 8-10 questions about your site and project and request photos. This is a critical step in making the plan as tailored to you as possible.

    Once we receive the information, we start designing and you receive your customized Plan Board in 10-12 business days.

  4. How much is the Plan Board option?

    The Landstylist ‘Plan Board’ is $349

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