Do you need a vision for your outdoor space? Are you looking for inspiration to get motivated? If so, a Looks Board may be just what you need. With a Looks Board, we provide you with images and elements to pull your outdoor space together, providing the perfect landscape design that fits your style and your life.

Who is this package perfect for? This package is perfect if you if you are just starting to think of your landscape from ground zero and need a good direction. It can be used for hiring someone, for DIY inspiration, or before hiring us to implement if you are local.

things to know about the ‘LOOKS BOARD’:

  1. What’s a Landstylist ‘LOOKS BOARD’?

    The Landstylist ‘Looks Board’ is a finely-tuned mood board of images that are suited to your ideal garden, taking into consideration issues like location, size, style, materials, and plants. From there, you can either design your garden on your own, OR sign up for our ‘Plan Board’ package, where we can provide a customized design for your garden. We also can design your entire project (Click here for the ‘Consultation for Project’ option).

  2. What is the Deliverable provided?

    A 8.5 x 11 page that is emailed to you as a pdf digital file of images of projects that are similar in type to your project, and serve as inspiration for you in terms of color, texture, materiality, plants and overall style. Click here to see an example of a ‘Looks Board’.

  3. What is the process?

    You can Sign Up Here and remit payment ($199)
    Once payment is remitted, we send you 8-10 questions about your site and project and request photos. This is a critical step in making the ‘Looks Board’ as tailored to you as possible.
    Once we receive the information, we start designing and you receive your customized Looks Board in 8-10 business days.

  4. How much is it?

    The Landstylist ‘Looks Board’ is $199.

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