Outdoor Gregg Light


Outdoor Gregg Light


The Outdoor Gregg Floor Lamp is composed of a weather resistant polyethylene shade that defies geometry. A modern organic shape that adds visual depth and character, this egg-like lamp secures to the ground to become an abstract sculpture. Choose from several sizes to create the right effect. The amorphous shade completely hides the light source resulting in a soft, warm and uniform light. I like this grouping of small, medium and large sizes, and on a clean wood deck or stone patio, this is an elegant feature.

medium: L12.2 x W10.5 x H10.5a
large:L18.5 x W15.75 x H15.75
XL: L23.5 x W20 x W20
small: $458.00
medium: $573.00
large: $817.00

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