Good Wood

Brooklyn children's museum

Brooklyn children's museum

I am always on the lookout for materials that are sustainable and weather well. Wood is a material that I find slightly difficult to select, mainly because I am always worried about the environmentally negative aspects of using wood like Ipe and teak, which I love, but it is actually terrible because it is harvested from countries that are losing their forests quickly. Recently I came across a product for decking that is made from Black Locust wood (tree is called Robinia Pseudoacacia) from Robi Decking, which is picking up in popularity. Not only is Black Locust one of America's stiffest and strongest woods, but it is from a tree that is harvested in America, and is not endangered. Unlike Ipe and Teak, which are often taken from forests in Brazil and other parts of the world where they need trees the most, Black Locust is extremely fast growing and is available throughout many parts of the US, like Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and North Carolina. I spoke with Mike Caruso, who works with Robi Decking, and he is passionate about their craft. He has been harvesting this wood for over 25 years, often from the floors of forests where it has fallen, and creates planks that are 4", 6" 8" and 10" long and last 30+ years. Robi Decking recently was installed on the roof of the Brooklyn Children's Museum. If it is good enough for Brooklyn children, that should tell you something.


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